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Warning signs of a Sick Tree:

  • Presence of dead or dying trees 
  • Presence of dead limbs 
  • Insect and disease problems 
  • Trees hitting a building 
  • Branches rubbing on the roof 
  • Beginning construction near trees 
  • Storm clean-up 
  • Maintenance to prevent storm damage to trees 
  • Visible signs of decay or cavities in the trunk or branches 
  • A history of falling branches 
  • Any fungal fruiting bodies attached to the trunk or branches 
  • Any cracks or splits in the trunk or branches 
  • Any signs of termite activity 
  • Unseasonal leaf drop or flower production 
  • Large heavy branches that don't taper off in thickness towards the end 
  • Any unusual swollen areas at the base of the trunk 
  • Any root damage in the last ten years 
  • Any dead branches hung up in the canopy 
  • Any signs of branches dying back in the canopy

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